Website Services

What we can do depends on... Your Needs.

Are you starting new or do you just want new help? If you do not yet have your own domain name or web host, we can take care of that for you at a competitive rate. If you already have both, we can work with that as well. We know that each client has unique wants and needs for their website and internet presence, and we want to help represent you as you want to be seen.

As far as design is concerned, Mariah personally writes the whole code and keeps it relatively simple for a few reasons. It is important to know that not all web hosts offer "fancy" options, such as Flash movie effects and PERL, and some people still have slower dialup service. Mariah has experience with HTML, Style Sheets, and JavaScript, and all three function in most circumstances that you will face. She is not a professional artist, but she does have a slight creative bend and can create a functional site that is visually pleasing. However, abilities are best shown versus described. So, besides this site, here are a few other websites she has created. Please note that they do not cover all her abilities - if you have something in mind that you want, just let us know and we will find a way to make it happen. Also, any similarities you see between one site and another are because of client preferences.

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