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updated June 30, 2004

January - June 2005

Well, well, another year has hit half-way and the three musketeers have been up to their usual busy-ness and travels. Will and I spent the first day of the year with friends at Oak Canyon in Mission Trails Regional Park. Denali celebrated with his Gramma. To let freedom ring for MLK Jr's birthday, we went camping in Joshua Tree National Park. Next weekend, Denali and I joined friends for a walk up Cowles Mountain. Then we all got sick and stayed in. In February, Will and I spent our anniversary weekend in Yosemite and then caught a Dark Star Orchestra concert in San Francisco.

March was Spring Break month and of course we took advantage! Denali visited Gramma for 11 days while Will and I romped around Europe. We started in Munich, spent a half-day in Salzburg, and made it to Ljubljana (Slovenia) by midnight despite a little train trouble. Next morning, we rented a car and headed to Postojna. For two days in Croatia, our stops included a night in Senj, walks in Plitvice Lakes National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site), a night and morning in Bakar, and afternoon sight-seeing in Pula (Roman Arena) and Porec (UNESCO Basilica). After exploring Ljubljana more, we grabbed a train to Venice for 3 days. And for any more details, you'll just have to ask!

April was a simple month of regular life, catching up on work, and celebrating Earth Day. The we quickly caught back up with our usual fun in May. We started back outdoors for Mother's Day weekend, going camping and hiking locally around Laguna Mountain. I went on school field trips with Denali to Sea World and a Chula Vista park by the bay. Will and D took a boys' night out to laugh at the Chicken during a Padres game. Memorial weekend sent us camping in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.

June saw Denali finish Kindergarten and start summer camp. We started swimming more and romped around the OB Street Fair one Saturday. For Fourth of July weekend, we decided to get away from the beach crowds and go camping outside Bishop. But with all these outings, we've run out of room to tell you anything else! Find out if something more than travels lie ahead for our travelers in the months coming up...

Don't forget to check out Mariah's photographs from all the trips!

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