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Lights, Camera, Action?!?

Actually, it's more like Sun, Fun, and Photos... That is what our days have been filled with - we're making the most of a unique weather year by taking trips and photos. And since our albums have grown, the M. Gayler Gallery has been revamped. We now offer more options for viewing online as well as buying prints.

As usual, here in the news section, you will be able to find updates and events related to Mariah and her family, as well as links to outside news that we feel needs special attention. Given the new photo work and travels, these news bits are temporarily expanded to 6 month spreads. However, you can still easily send us comments anytime, about anything, via our contact form.

Recent News & Events

January drew us outdoors in So Cal. February found us in Nor Cal and bacteria-caught. In March, we sprang to Europe. April was catch-up time, but May allowed two camping trips. Read about these events and more...

What's Coming Soon

Making the most of Summer and its chances, our plans include many visits, here and away. Fall brings a change of colors, but we will make the most of it as usual. And December? Find out... future plans.

By the way, the unaltered flower photograph at the left is a lupine (Lupinus excubitus), taken by Mariah at Mammoth, CA in June 2003.

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