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At this point, the primary purpose of this website is to provide updates to friends and family. However, it is also here to help those who want information related to the local San Diego County community (perhaps other appropriate areas will be added in the future) and the various services which Mariah personally provides or knows how to find.


Mariah grew up in North San Diego County, California. She spent the beginning years of her life directly surrounded by the university (UCSD) environment, which was the first situation to imprint the value of intellect and diversity deep within her, which she sought out again with her attendance at Cal. Besides these experiences, she spent much of her childhood at the Torrey Pines State Reserve and Beach and to this day, finds special enjoyment in nature and the outdoors. She also has unusual family connections that allow her even today to call two seemingly opposite communities of urban CA and rural AR (Mountain View) both home. As a mother now, she hopes to pass these unique connections, values, and more on to her son...

To learn more about Mariah and her background, send her a message and
request a hard copy of her resume.

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